Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide? 

We provide Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy for adults and children of all ages! 

How do I setup an appointment? 

First, contact your primary care physician or child’s pediatrician and ask them to send a referral and prescription to us via fax. 

 Our fax number is 502-333-9743. Please make sure the prescription includes the type of therapy requested and a diagnosis code. 

Do I need a script for each type of service? 

Yes! If you are needing speech and occupational therapy, 2 scripts will be needed. 

Physical Therapy does not always require a physician script; if you are unsure if you need a physician script, please call 502-873-4223.  

What happens next? 

After we receive the script, we will contact you to request additional information. We will request your email address to then send you our online welcome packet to fill out! Depending on your insurance, we may schedule the first appointment at the time we call.  

Do you see patients in the home/school? 

Unfortunately, we do not at this time.  

What times are appointments offered? 

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. .  

How long are therapy sessions? 

Usually the first session is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Sessions following will be roughly between 50 to 60 minutes.  

What is the frequency of a therapy session? 

Therapy sessions are determined by the evaluating therapist based on condition and need.  Therapy sessions can be 2-3x a week, and as few as once a week or once a month, depending on the services needed.  

What should I bring to the first session/evaluation? 

Please bring with you your insurance card and ID. If you have secondary insurance, please bring both cards.  Also please wear comfortable, loose clothing and tennis shoes.

Do you all do evaluations for assistive technology communication devices? 

Yes, we have two speech therapists who can provide evaluations and recommendations for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or (AAC) devices. For evals for AAC devices, we require a script from a physician or pediatrician that says “eval for AAC device” and a diagnosis code. The therapist will send the paperwork to your insurance and facilitate acquiring the device.  

 What insurances do you take? 

We accept most Medicaid and third-party insurances. We accept Anthem, Aetna, Kentucky Medicaid, Medicare, MedriskOneCall, Passport, United Healthcare, and Wellcare. Please call if you have questions about your specific insurance coverage.  

Does Dry Needling Hurt?

Dry needling can be painful, depending on body part treated, how tight the muscle is, and patient threshold to pain.  Most report mild discomfort, and soreness is normal following a dry needling session.

Do you do hands-on therapy?

Yes.  Our therapists are skilled in a variety of manual therapy techniques to maximize patient outcomes.

Will I be treated by a student?

All patients will be treated by a fully licensed therapist.  We are a teaching clinic, and will have students as part of their fieldwork training, but they are always directly supervised by a licensed therapist.  We also do not utilize technicians for patient care in order to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes.

Do you only see Spalding students and employees?

No!  We treat all individuals in the Kentuckiana community.

Why does my doctor want me to come to therapy?

PT’s, OT’s, and ST’s are specialists in their respective fields.  Depending on your need, your physician wants you to have the best comprehensive care possible, and often will refer to movement or swallowing specialists so you can achieve your goals.

What is telehealth? Will my insurance pay for it?

Telehealth is using technology to perform your therapy visit via computer or Ipad, instead of coming into the clinic.  In Kentucky, Telehealth is currently covered for most payors, with the exception of Medicare.

Do you have free parking at your clinic?

Yes.  We have multiple parking spots located directly in front of our building at no cost to you.

What if I am not sure Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy is right for me?

We offer free, 20 minute mini-assessments with a fully licensed therapist, where you can ask questions and have a movement screen performed.  Afterwards.  the therapist will make suggestions if therapy or other medical interventions are appropriate for you.