Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Patient-Centered Rehabilitation

Spalding University’s Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) offers exceptional health care services at our outpatient facility.  Spalding CORF is a community outreach initiative rooted in Spalding University’s regionally-renown healthcare education programs.

With the same passion for excellence as is exemplified through our university’s academic and community programs, we are eager to serve you and your family with a fresh approach to rehabilitation services. Spalding CORF in downtown Louisville focuses on patient care and successful outcomes for our patients.

Patient Services

The Spalding CORF provides therapeutic and interdisciplinary rehabilitation services for all community residents.  The rehabilitation of individuals who are injured, disabled, or ill is provided by fully licensed therapists, and under the supervision of a qualified physician. The purpose of CORF is to permit a patient to receive multidisciplinary rehabilitation services at our single location. The Spalding CORF provides the following: All patients must have a physician’s order for evaluation and treatment (where applicable) prior to the initiation of the patient assessment.